Monday, February 20, 2006

Why Democracy?

Hello Folks,
I am working on a statement, or you might say essay or whatever, that shows why democracy is a better structure than dictatorship in any social organization whether a national government, a business structure, a non-profit organization or even a family. I am also working to show what kinds of policies, actions and attitudes inhibit individual fulfillment necessary for having a democratic society. How can a public that actively participates in governing a country be reduced to being nothing more than obedient followers of a leader? How is the public fooled into accepting policies that bring about its own economic demise and how can the same public be brought to see through the sham? Let me know what ideas you might want to share.
Till later,


brigitte said...

I am curious, how do you see democracy working in the context of business? I agree that it at the very least bringing elements of democracy into a business structure makes good business sense, but an organization can also easily get bogged down in consensus and also eventually suffer from an inability to make decisions effectively when it is too consensus driven. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

In regards to getting bogged down in consensus, I totally agree. I suppose that is why it seems to make more sense to me for the democracy to work by selecting representatives to represent the masses or groups. I fear a democracy, either in the state or business realm, in which a body of people are apathetic and or ignorant--a place, I am afraid, we are at in America today. In that case, it is so easy to elect corrupt, incompetent, avaricious, power hungry leaders.