Monday, March 24, 2008

How I Got to my Spiritual Perspective

(This is a long overdue answer to Art Clarke's comment to my post of October 9, 2007.)

It's been a long process in the making. I remember as a child people celebrating Hitler's birthday and celebrating it as a national holiday. I remember one day suddenly hearing everyone celebrating the fact that the Fuehrer, God's representative on earth, being referred to as an s.o.b. who had just gone away. I remember being in awe of the gold ornaments, powerful organ music and great smell of incense during a Catholic high mass. I remember going to confession as a boy in grade school and the priest taking a keen interest in my sexual awakening.

I remember discovering my Jewish ancestry when I turned fourteen. I remember feeling hurt hearing a priest maligning Jews in a sermon. I remember saying good-bye to Catholicism and feeling incredibly liberated by my departure. I remember seeing the world as “absurd” when I became an existentialist. I remember having a new look at the world through psychedelic trips. I remember becoming aware of how often people do harm to others in the name of religion. I remember discovering an incredible calm through Subud exercises.

I remember becoming aware of a greater reality that is deep in one's being as well as in the outer world. I discovered I had found access to a sensory awareness I had not known existed. I found a calling to observe what and why people think and do whatever they do. I came to the realization that people create a divinity they feel is real, and that they lead their lives in accordance with that creation.

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Beautiful! I am speechless.