Sunday, May 31, 2009


Is there such a thing as immortality?

Immortality in the religious sense is a matter of belief and cannot be proven empirically. But what about the stamp left on reality by artists and writers? Those who have become stars in their lifetime or shortly after their death will be remembered through their works and the experience brought forth by the artists' creation will continue to "live" every time anyone listens to a recording, looks at a painting, or reads the writing that was produced during the artist's lifetime. The artist's soul thus survives through his works. So John Lennon lives every time we listen to one of his songs.

How can one make sure to be remembered?

The creation of a memorable product whether it may be a work of art or an invention generally is not the result of the creator's wish to make his mark on history. True creativity does not concern itself with getting recognition whether in the creator's lifetime or in posterity. Creativity lives in the moment--it never concerns itself with "what will they think of my work now or in the future." As for recognition on a grand scale, it will happen or not. More often than not it comes as a result of nothing more than luck. As for recognition and remembrance on a smaller scale, let's say family and friends, they are determined by what chords are struck by what we have produced, and chances are that our control over the impact that we make is limited at best.

So is it worth it being recognized and remembered?

That's a tough one. Yes, as long as one does not worry about it. In fact, caring about being recognized and/or remembered may well be useless if not counterproductive. Even if immortality is achieved, is it real? If so, it would mean that a manifestation of someone's incarnation would continue forever and forever, and it would seem logical that since no one remembers what happened millions of years ago, it seems rather unlikely that anyone living now will be remembered millions of years in the future. If one asks oneself how long one wants to be remembered, one is not really interested in immortality.


Live in the moment, enjoy the moment and create in the moment. Let this be what matters and consider all that which results to be nothing more than a byproduct of lesser importance.

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